Preoperative Instructions

These are general pre-operative instructions for many of the procedures performed in our office.  If you are a patient of record and you have any questions regarding your specific care, please do not hesitate to call us at 504-887-8205.

Days before your appointment:

 1. Fill any given prescriptions
 2. If you have been given a pre-surgical sedative, arrange for a responsible adult  to drive you to and from the office and stay with you while you are sedated.  Do  not drive or operate hazardous machinery while taking these medicines.
 3. Avoid aspirin containing medications for 7 days before your surgery.  Avoid  blood thinning herbs as well. Consult with your physician before doing this.
 4. Prepare soft nutritious foods for after surgery.

The day before your appointment:

 1. If an antibiotic has been prescribed, begin taking unless otherwise instructed.
 2. No alcohol, street drugs or difficult to digest meals.

The morning of surgery:

 1. Do not consume food or caffeine the 6 hours before surgery unless you are a diabetic.  Diabetics should have a light meal before surgery.
 2. Wear loose and comfortable clothing.  Make sure the sleeves can be raised since we will be monitoring your blood pressure.
 3. Wash your face thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Women should not use lipstick or make up around the mouth area.
 4. Do not wear contact lenses.
 5. Remove colored fingernail polish from one of your fingers since we will place a pulse/oxygen monitor here.
 6. If you are on medications for conditions unrelated to your periodontitis, take them as usual unless otherwise instructed.  If unsure, ask.
 7. Asthmatics must bring their inhaler and hand it to the surgical assistant.
 8. Take your premeds as prescribed.